Let's Face It

2018 UMA Thesis Art Student Exhibition

May 11- June 1 , 2018

Reception  Saturday, May 12th, noon-2pm

Graduating UMA art students share their persectives through art

 This year’s show highlights each artists' individuality with an array of concepts. The show includes topics of environmental and social issues as well as insight into personal experiences. The artworks include painting, mixed media, lost wax casting, printmaking, upcycled media, and ceramics. Each individual presents a series developed throughout the year as part of their thesis projects.

The exhibiting artists are:
William Brown

Brianna Daley
Justin Knaus-Tucker
Luke Myers
Melissa Oprendek
Justin Pierce

Bill Brown is a lifetime learner. He has endured through many self taught
lessons over the years. His concentration is in ceramics. His work is inspired by Edithe Brown, William Brown Sr. (mother and father), and sculptors like Daniel Chester, Auguste Rodin, and Robert Katz. “It’s just a Mask” is a reflection of the masks that we wear throughout our lives. Bill is currently working on honing his art by way of lost wax casting.

William Brown Jr.

Brianna A. Daley is originally from upstate New York and currently resides in Augusta, Maine. As a printmaker she is infatuated with ink and takes advantage of the varrience the medium has to offer. Her thesis work gives you access to truths of domestic violence relationships through both physical and psychological wounds.

Brianna A. Daley

Day 3, 2018
from the body of work “Make Believe I’m Okay”
Monotype, 4.5”x6”

Justin is an aspiring ceramic artist. His work is a critique of this country’s consumer culture. Crafted in clay, it serves as a surreal warning of the future of our planet as a whole.
Justin is living in Waterville Maine and is eagerly pursuing a life baked in clay.

Justin Knaus-Tucker

An Entity that is Destined to Consume our Bodies, 2018
from the work “Thoughts on the Future of Our Planet”
Cone 5/6 stoneware, terra sig, black underglaze, mason stain

Luke Myers

Luke is an artist living in Waldoboro, Maine. He works in a variety of mediums, seeking to cultivate circumstance in a way that can lead to unexpected
and surprising results. His subjects are most often defensively environmental, questioning and exploring human relationships with nature.

Year of the Lobster, 2018
from the body of work “Maine Monsters”
Sepia ink on toned paper, 25”x37”

Melissa Oprendek

Do I Know You? Inspired by many conversations Melissa has had with many individuals she is exploring ways to demonstrate what she sees since she has prosopagnosia, or, face blindness.
Melissa is a multi-media artist residing in Waterville, Maine.

Great Great Grandparents Lofthus, from Norway, 2018
from the work “Thoughts on the Future of Our Planet”
from the body of work Do I Know You?
Photo, material, newspaper, thread, antique button, pins, safety pin, 4” x 6”

Justin Pierce

“Familial Memories” is Justin Pierce’s important family vehicles from his childhood forward to the present. He uses canvas paper and acrylic paint to depict the unique vehicles and where they sequentially fall in the time line of his life.
Justin is a painter currently living in Weeks Mills, Maine.

Three Wheeled Childhood, Fabrication Blues, 2018
from the body of work “Familial Memories”
Acrylic on Canvas Paper, 11.5” x 16.5”

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