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2019 - 2021 Virtual UMA Student Art Exhibition

March 3 - April 3, 2021

Virtual Awards Ceremony (video)

Virtual Exhibition

The Student Art Exhibition offers UMA students the opportunity and encouragement to exhibit their work in a professional setting, and to explore the work of their peers across courses and terms that they might not otherwise see. Most of all, the exhibition highlights and celebrates the work of UMA students completed during their coursework in the Art department. This year's students persevered to create and exhibit works that show their artistic excellence and resilience.


Catharine Audette
Logan Bolduc
Henri Bizindavyi
Samantha Brown
Sherry Casas
Ashleigh Cote
Qamar Cowger
Kathrine Daniels
Jeremy Drews
Alexis Eldridge
Bruce Forbes
Camille French
Courtney Harmon
Antonio Jacobs
Amy R. Jones
Ellen Karlberg
Ryan Lagasse
Sean Lando
Wendi Luther


Alli MacDonald

Fred Martinez

Becky Pass

Myriam Perreault

Lily Raymond-Ayer

Melissa Rice

Melissa Rice

Donna Rioux

Julie M. Robertson

Hope Silverman

Nicholas Silvia

Nick Smart

Gabrielle Spear

Mackenzie Small

Valerie L. St. Pierre

Quinn P. Thompson

Nicole To

Sally Wagley

Pamela J. White Weston

Robin Woodard, Jr.

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