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2018 UMA Student Art Exhibition

April 6-May 2, 2018
Opening ReceptionSunday, April 22nd   3-5pm 


The work of each artist, which includes photography, printmaking, painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, design, and other mixed media, was completed 
by students fulfilling class assignments throughout the year. Each submission was judged on technical execution and ideas reflecting a broad range of 
media and at all stages in academic development.  Honorary Judges Bruce Brown and Judith Sobol 
selected pieces for awards that were carefully 
crafted, thoughtfully developed and designed, and that provoked a dialogue.

     The UMA art program offers a bachelors degree in studio art with courses in drawing, painting, 
sculpture, ceramics, design, printmaking, electronic arts, and photography.


About the Honorary Judges

Bruce Brown is the curator emeritus at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art and Maine biggest art’s advocate. 


Judith Sobol is the Curator of the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Foundation, concentrating on its superb 
Rodin sculpture. In the 1980s she directed the Payson Gallery of Art at Portland’s Westbrook 
College, focusing on artwork by living Maine artists. She has also directed art museums in Grand Rapids MI and Newport RI.

Artistic Awards by Judges Bruce Brown and Judith Sobol


Emerging Artist in 2D Design  

Amy R. Jones



Emerging Artist in 3D

Wendi Luther

“Self Portrait”


Emerging Artist in Photography

Tina Rousseau



Emerging Artist in Ceramics

Elizabeth Archer



Emerging Artist in Drawing

Amy Bley



Emerging Artist in Painting

Kara Daniels

“To Have and To Hold”


Emerging Artist in Multi Media Work

Wendi Luther, Amber Oliver,

Dasha Palmer, Will Radley, Amy Tice, Allina Diaz, Dawn Emery, James Locke, Charlie Lorensten, Tanner Luther, Angella Hunt

“Annie” Collaborative Project


Excellence in 2D Design

Abbey Slinker

“Mingo 2”


Excellence in Photography

Elise Klysa

“State Workers Protesting”


Excellence in Painting

Karen E. Giles

Maine Coast Geology


Excellence in Multimedia Work

Shawn Dupont Jr.



Excellence in Printmaking

Brianna Daley



Excellence in Drawing

Jarrod Simpson

“Bombus Affinis”


Excellence in Ceramics

Amy Bley



Excellence in Sculpture

Betsy Brown



Best in Show

Selected by Bruce Brown

Luke Myers



Best in Show

Selected by Judith Sobal

Julia Stires


Participating Artists
Taliesin Amero

Elizabeth Archer

Amy Bley

Betsy Brown

Dianne Chicoine

Jenna Clifford

Jenna Clifford

Marcea Crawford

Brianna Daley

Kara Daniels

Allina Diaz

Dakota Douglas

Shawn Dupont

Dawn Emery

Karen Giles

Monica Giles

Cheryl Harrington

Danielle Hartigan

Lisa Hodgkins

Angella Hunt

Aubrey Huskey

Shana Jackson

Amy Jones

Elise Klysa

Rayna Knight

Bradford Kraft

James Locke

Charlie Lorentsen

Tanner Luther

Wendi Luther

Sydney Lyman

Luke Myers

Amber Oliver

Melissa Oprendec

Dasha Palmer

Rebecca Pass

Kayle Phillips

Will Radley

Amber Rogers

Tina Rousseau

Jarrod Simpson

Abbey Slinker

Julia Stires

Amy Tice

Chad Welch

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