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"Architects: On The Inside" 

Michael Belleau
Jessie Carroll
Rosie CurtisToby Gabranski
Amy Hinkley
Roger Richmond
Eric Stark 
Opening Reception
Thursday, November 12th
from 4:30-6pm

Who are the professors and instructors teaching in University of Maine at Augusta's Bachelor of Architecture program? What do they do that supports their creative lives and professions as architects?  These are some of the questions that came to mind while working with this outstanding faculty stated Karen Adrienne, the current director of the Danforth Gallery.

     As Maine's only professional degree in architecture, the teachers exhibited here are committed to UMA Architecture’s Mission of Architecture through Engagement. Their mission expresses who they are: SMALL…INTEGRATED…HANDS-ON. This fundamentally means they are about people: the students, the faculty, and their community partners. They teach architecture through engagement, educating and empowering students to explore, investigate, and analyze the built environment. Engagement brings students into active contact with each other, their coursework, and  community partners across Maine.

     Eric Stark, Amy Hinkley, & Rosie Curtis are the full time faculty that have the support of  Roger Richmond, Jessie Carroll, Michael Belleau and Toby Gabranski, among others. Architects: On the Inside exhibits the creative works i.e. drawings, paintings, & sculptures that inspire, support, enrich, and compliment their work as professional architects.

     Architecture as an endeavor is often discussed as a balance between the creative and the technical. The challenge of bringing an idea into the real world is compounded by the fact that that work is centered around supporting human behavior and   activity. It is the limitations of the real world that gets an architect excited, but also put demands on his or her creativity. Because of these limitations, architects will typically find other creative endeavors that don't have these same limitations. These other creative avenues allow for an artistic freedom that buoys the architect's spirit, and in turn influences their professional work.

     The artworks of this outstanding group of professional architects and professors are can be seen in Architects: On the Inside at the Danforth Galllery at the University of Maine at Augusta, October 28 through December 8, 2015. An opening reception and talk will be held Thursday, November 12 at 4:30pm.

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