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Selected works from the
MFA Intermedia program, UMaine
December 19—February 2, 2017
Thursday, February 2nd— noon
with lecture at 1pm

Tara Law, a recent (2016) graduate of the Intermedia program. Her work, Living Scrolls, examines environmental issues and their relationship to technology. Law uses installation, print and video technology in her work. Most recently she was part of a collaboration that used video mapping technology to project onto the sails of the schooner, Timberwind, in an event at the Belfast waterfront.

Matt LeClair, completing his thesis in Intermedia, has taught in the New Media department at UMaine. His work, Multiple Multiples, creates a series of artist multiples employing graphic design, printmaking processes and collaboration. LeClair says, “I am a rebel on a comfy couch. Sure, the capitalist system is evil, dehumanizing and should be destroyed, but I really like my stuff! When works of art are things that the majority can look at, but not own, creating work that is accessible and affordable is a subversive act. Artist’s multiples allow me to explore the connections between commerce and creativity while building more direct and playful interactions with the audience.”

Adam Paul
Intonarumori: The Art of Noise
Adam Paul, a first year student in the Intermedia MFA, holds a degree in new media from UMaine. Paul’s work, Reflections, seeks to explore how one's inner thoughts may manifest and how the dream-like imagery created in the process can be of value as an aid to understand the nature and motion of one's “true thought.” With his interest in surrealism, which tends to focus on motifs of reflections and nature, Paul finds the hidden inner thoughts of people to be intriguing, especially when these thoughts relate to self-identification.


About Exhibition

HYBRID” an exhibit of sculpture, printmaking, video technology, photography, graphic design, film and new media opens Monday, December 19th in UMA’s Danforth Gallery.

“HYBRID” is an eclectic mix of works by seven artists from the MFA Intermedia Program at the University of Maine Orono utilizing installation, print, video technology, graphic design, printmaking and unconventional collected materials. The exhibit runs from December 19th to February 2, 2017 and includes:

SueAnn Gaitlings, in her final year in the program, also teaches in the Brewer School District. Her work, Matter, looks at our emotions and anxieties, using very unconventional collected materials to express common human conditions. Gaitings has employed dryer lint, chewing gum, and various bedding fibers to describe our relationships to the outside world as evident in our internal struggles.


Virginia Valdes, a first year student in the Intermedia MFA, is also an accomplished graphic designer and has an established art practice in design. Her current body of work questions and examines the common obsession to search for answers to our problems outside ourselves. The notion of “self-help” becomes the basis for this series which questions our need for outside sources to lift us out of our all too comfortable uncomfortable habits.

Wade Warman, a third year student, also works as a teaching assistant in areas of prototyping technology. In describing his work, Automata: Open Mouth, Frequent Thoughts, Hear No Evil, Warman states: “I seek to utilize technical methods of artistic creation as a way to explore the cracks that lie between right and wrong, good and bad, black and white so that we might perhaps see some of the humor in our shared human condition.”

The three-year MFA degree in Intermedia provides graduate students with the opportunity to engage in innovative, creative and theoretical work in a flexible program that encourages individual creative development within an interdisciplinary context. Students develop diverse skills grounded in methodologies from many disciplines that foster innovative, analytic, and speculative thinking necessary for innovative production and creative thinking in Intermedia. To learn more about the MFA program visit



The Danforth Gallery is located in Jewett Hall. Gallery hours are Monday - Thursday 9:30am - 5:00 pm, Fridays 9:30am - 2:00pm.


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