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WHAM! BANG! POW! Work from UMA’s Graphic Storytellers

December 11, 2023 - January 16, 2024
Opening Reception Dec. 11 at 2 pm

Wham! Bang! Pow!: Work from UMA’s Graphic Storytellers  features two sets of student projects from the Fall 2023 ART/ENG/INT 330 UMA’s Wham! Bang! Pow! Graphic Storytelling in Form and Practice class. Co-taught by Professor of Art Peter Precourt and Professor of English Lisa Botshon, this 6-credit interdisciplinary course involves reading, discussion, research, making, critique, and collaboration.

“Graphic storytelling” is a capacious concept that involves words and images to tell a story. Over the course of this fall, Wham! students experimented with different mediums and strategies in order to tell their own stories, some of which are featured in this show.

Using their skills developed over the semester, the class also created a collaborative sequential art project based on Karen Russell’s short story “St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves” (2006), which is featured in the other half of the gallery. Each student took on two or more roles in order to render this story into a wall-sized multi-panel graphic narrative. They adapted the text, scripted, storyboarded, edited, illustrated, colored, lettered, and installed the project.

Wham! helps students become better critical thinkers, researchers, problem solvers, and creators who are prepared to work with others, challenge themselves to learn new skills, and make germane connections. This show is a testament to our students’ incredible abilities.

Emily Allen
Fatima Babar
Morgan Cafferata
Barbara Drennen
Julia Dry
Des Dumais
Camryn Elliott-Proctor
Jada Gastia
Marguerite Jacques
Jeff McKay
Sullivan O'Keeffe
Sophia Reyes
Natalie Rohman
Jared Winslow
Jen Worthing
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